5 Things You Can Do By Connecting Your Android Phone To Your Pc

Android phones and PCs go hand in hand when it comes down to updating these gadgets and making sure that they are being used to the fullest. However, many users have trouble finding the right Android USB drivers and this turns into annoying USB problems and errors that just don’t seem to go away.

Most users tend to load up the memory cards and internal storage on their phones to later copy the files to their PCs for freeing up storage space. However, connecting an Android phone to a PC is not all about copying files.

1 - You Can Transfer Images and Videos Back and Forth

The best part about being able to connect your Android phone to your PC via USB is that you get a chance to transfer videos and image files back and forth. This particularly comes in handy for users who are avid smartphone users and like to take pictures. Once the memory on the phone is filled up, the files can then be transferred to the PC. On the other hand, you can also transfer all your favourite pictures from your PC to your phone.

2 - Keep Track of Music Files

It is typically seen that music enthusiasts have Android phones and this is because of the various functions Android systems offer when it comes down to smartphones. Provided that you have the right Android USB driver, you can transfer your music files from your PC to your smartphone and back. This also helps people create playlists of their favourite songs and keep track of their music.

3 - Use Mobile Data on PC

Another great benefit of connecting an Android phone to your PC is that you can use the mobile data on your computer. This comes particularly in handy when you have a troublesome internet connection and you need to meet deadlines. With a few simple clicks you can start using mobile data on PC.

4 - Organize Files and Folders

It can be annoying to move and copy/paste files on your Android smartphone while using the touch features, therefore many users prefer to connect their phones to PC and organize files. This way they can easily create, delete, move, and copy/paste new or existing folders, just like they would do it on their PC.

5 - Connect To the PC Suite

The best use of connecting Android to PC via USB is that you get to use the PC suite for your phone. You can download it off the official website for your phone and start making the most out of your gadget. Using the suite you can do anything like text through your PC, copy contacts and keep your phone updated.

These are just 5 of the many things you can do by connecting your Android phone to PC. However, be sure that you have the right Android PC suite and driver for the best experience. Feel free to get in touch for more information.