Lenovo A388t Hang On Logo Fix

If your Lenovo A388T hang or stuck at logo, don’t worry because you can fix it yourself without need to send to a shop. Mostly it happen because you install incompatible software, virus and corrupted data.

How to Fix Lenovo A388T Stuck At Logo

First of all, there are two method to fix stuck as boot logo, first and easiest method is by Hard Reset the Lenovo A388T, the second one is by flashing it. Make sure your smartphone is fully charged because we will need to wipe the data. To do this, we need to enter Android System Recovery Mode, see the image below.

  1. Shutdown your phone, wait until it vibrate.
  2. Remove SIM card and MicroSD. Put back the battery.
  3. For Lenovo A388T, you will need 3 combination key to enter the android system recover, if you do it correctly, you should see the same image above.
  4. Press these at the same time, Power + Volume Up & Volume Down. Press and hold the power button (do not let go), at the same time, press volume up & volume down button (press and release, repeat quickly) until you see the same image above.
  5. Repeat the process above if you don’t see the black menu.
  6. If you succeed in entering the recovery mode, scroll down and choose the “Wipe data/factory reset” (use volume up and down to navigate).
  7. To select the item, (use power button).
  8. Once you select the Wipe data/factory reset, system will ask your confirmation, select “Yes” to confirm.
  9. After the wipe data process is complete, reboot your phone.